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August 20, 2014 / whiteowlgr

Wifi Passbook gets an update to 1.5

StoreIcon300WiFi Passbook is an application that was created out of the need to have the information from the various WiFi networks a user regularly connects to, readily available after he resets or changes his device.

When a user connects to a WiFi network, he can add the details (SSID and key) to the database of the application. The application stores this data as well as the location of the network. The user can then backup his database on OneDrive.

If at some point the user has to reset or change/upgrade his device, he can install the application on his new phone and have the same information immediately available by restoring it from OneDrive. From then on, whenever the user wants to connect to a network he had stored, he only has to start up the application. The app will detect his position and show him the WiFi networks that are closest to him so that he can select and copy the appropriate key for the desired network.

The application was updated to version 1.5 with some bug fixes and a map visualization of the WiFi networks you have saved.

WiFi Passbook is available on Windows Phone Store for 0.99€ with a trial version that is limited to saving only up to 5 networks.

wifipassbook qr


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